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Feb 26, 2018 | Blog, Exercise, Mental Wellbeing

Are you needing the adrenalin rush?

We’ve all heard of someone being described as a drama queen – man or women. And we may even fall into that category ourselves. You know, the times when we turn something unimportant into a major issue, blowing things way out of proportion. The behaviour can be overt, with shouting or holding the focus of people’s attention by talking on and on about an issue. Sometimes it can be more covert with things like loud sighs and excessive shuffling of papers. When in this state, we experience a chemical high from the adrenalin that is rushing around our bodies. This can become addictive. It can be a real problem to the drama queens as they need to create the drama in response to the addictive need for the adrenaline rush.

As with any addiction, this is a serious problem as the body is craving the chemicals and cannot function without the fix, in just the same way as a smoker needs that puff.

Some people create the drama wherever an opportunity arises, others seem to only create the drama with certain people or certain situations.

To find out more, here is a humorous and helpful article.

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