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BUNGED-UP? Let’s get moving!

Jul 16, 2020 | Blog, Exercise, Flavor Of The Month, The Juice

Desk exercises + drinking water = easy constipation relief.

When all the organs and systems of your body are functioning together at their best, that’s called homeostasis. You can simply call that vital health. But when systems are not ‘used’ regularly, they ‘go to sleep’. Homeostasis is compromised when some parts are not fully functional. Take the gut – physical movement helps it keep supple and active. People who walk more are less likely to suffer from constipation than those who are more sedentary. That’s why couch potatoes can feel like those undigested potatoes are stuck in their colons! ‘Moving’ is not only important for cardio-vascular health, keeping the blood flowing with the necessary nutrients to all parts of the physiology, but also for the proper functioning of the nervous system. It helps keep body intelligence information flowing to all parts. And that, importantly, includes the ‘gut’, which is sometimes seen, because of its all-important functioning, as the third brain.

So, for ways to keep moving during the day watch this video. Remember to always keep social distancing!


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