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Mar 14, 2017 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month


FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH – Winter; keeping warm with your internal fire


Flavour of the Month


Coming home on a cold winter’s evening to a warm, snug home is a delight; yet it is the inner fire that really keeps us warm. It seems that nature specially created this time of year for us to stay more indoors and go deeper into ourselves.

In a way nature is giving us a chance to slow down, take time to be still, and take special care of our bodies in the cold weather. This is the time of year when there is a lot in the media about TB. World TB day was on 24th March 2017. People with TB need to take special care of themselves by especially avoiding the chilly and smoggy winter air.unite against tb, tb, fight, disease, flavour of the month

Tuberculosis is a disease that occurs when the body’s lungs are infected with an airborne bacteria called mycobacterium tuberculosis. Symptoms include fever, sweating, chills, weight loss, and loss of appetite. That comes along with persistent coughing and chest pain. It is a treatable disease, but the medication needs to be paired with proper diet, rest, and exercise in order to fully expel the bacteria from the body. For further information about TB log onto the MEMBER PORTAL, click the Road to Wellness Portal, and then find the TB tab.

For everyone winter time is a great time to research a healthier lifestyle, and then start adopting the new behaviours. There is an excellent guide on our website. Log on to the MEMBERS PORTAL and click MYPLAN for useful guide. Being active and eating healthy winter food ensures that the body’s metabolism is enlivened, and with that keeps the mind and brain sharp.  Think of it as keeping the internal furnace going to ensure a glowing winter.

Summer is the time of being ‘out and about’, and often families might tend to lose touch with each other in all this busyness. Winter time is the opportunity to reconnect and build the family spirit of togetherness. Think of hot chocolate, popcorn and laughter around board games. What was your favourite childhood board game? Get the kids off their mobile devices and have a good old ‘real’ game with them.

The longer winter nights also offer the opportunity to find time to create quiet space for reflection, meditation, creating dreams, and making plans for your future.  Really try to find time to do this and you will be thankful in the spring when you are ready, positioned in the starting blocks, to spring forth with your energy, emotions and body fully restored.

Revel in the reflective and restorative gifts winter offers.

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