Live Your Mindmap

Technology: Create a mind map and bring your thoughts to life. When the creative thoughts are flowing and you do not want any to get lost, this is a great tool to help you keep them all together and create a big picture view. Find a Mindmap...

Random acts of kindness

Blog Post: Here you will find an abundance of random acts of kindness to get you going. With all these idea you will never be at a loss for ways to bring joy into someone’s life. Random acts of kindness is HERE

Creative Turnaround

Books: Creative turnaround – advice and inspiration. A Free e-book from Creative Life. Lovely stimulating and easy to apply recommendations to enrich your creativity. Find this e-Book HERE

Longing for connection is real

In a deeply connected and engaged space you will be able to liberate everyone’s creativity. You know how different and exciting it feels when go with friends to a live concert, as opposed to listening to a recording. It is all about the ‘vibe’. So what...