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Sending love and care

May 6, 2020 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month, The Juice

If you are feeling stressed because you are unable to be present with those you feel need your care; maybe grandparents or children, you can still send them ‘love energy’ from a distance. There is enough evidence showing it really works. So follow these steps:

Find a comfortable place to sit; maybe in front of a window looking out on a pleasant scene, or just observe a picture on the wall, or even focus on your bookshelf with your favourite books. You can even place an item that you love and appreciate in front of you.

Now with a soft gaze let a feeling of deep appreciation and love gradually rise – and then allow your eyelids to close gently.

With each breath you take feel your whole body fill with love. Enjoy the sense of happiness that comes with this loving feeling.

Now with each in-breath begin to think of someone you are missing. See their face, hear the sound of their laughter, and with each out-breath radiate this love toward them. Imagine their joy receiving it.

After you have done this for a short while, in your minds-eye imagine giving them a special hug – knowing that you can send them love in this special way at any time.

You can repeat this for each person you are missing that you want to reach out to.

When complete, still with your eyes closed, keep breathing gently whilst you place your attention on your heart. Now allow yourself to be filled with the abundance of love that ultimately makes life what it is.

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