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Remember – care for your body

Oct 30, 2017 | Blog, Dimensions Of Wellbeing, Physical coherence, Posts

Drink lots of water. Take smaller portions. Take time to reflect on what the ‘silly season’ means to you.

A good part of any celebration is eating great food. But you do not want to become a pudding yourself, here are a few tips to help:

  • Have a really big breakfast, then you won’t feel tempted to tuck into the chocolates, mince pies and cake that are around the office at this time of year.
  • Exercise – in the shopping centers skip the lifts or escalators, take the stairs. Park as far as you can from the entrance to the shops.
  • Dance, dance, dance – at any party be the first up on the floor and give it your all. Create playful fun in the office, dance round the desks, down the passage.
  • Avoid over indulgence by chewing your food slowly, this slows down your eating and gives your brain time to register that your tummy is full.
  • Eat before you party. When you are hungry it is harder to resist the tempting fatty waistline stretching foods.
  • Alternate your alcoholic drinks with soft ones, drinking spritzers (wine diluted with soda).
  • Exercise some portion control.

An easy way to remember is this: Pasta and rice = a fist-sized portion. Potatoes = one normal-sized spud. Protein = a palm-sized portion. High-fat foods (e.g. cheese) = a thumb-sized portion. Vegetables = as many as you like.

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