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People close to you appreciate being shown that they are important.

Dec 3, 2018 | Blog, Mental Wellbeing

Your time is more precious than any gift. There are so many exciting ways in which you can open your heart instead of your wallet to show people you care.

Create special opportunities to give them your full attention.

How a picnic together – a day of joy and celebration for everyone to share and remember. Find tips on planning a great picnic look here. Take a look at the list of picnic spots in the different provinces below and choose your favourite; bring along games, races and other fun to share with family and friends, include the kids and teenagers; then lay out the feast of food to which everyone contributed.

Gauteng’s best picnic spots can be found here or here.

Looking for spots in Durban try here or here.

And in Cape Town try this site.

Other great ways to spend quality one-on-one or shared time, is a sunrise walk in nature; a play day at the beach; bring and share meals to celebrate the season; taking your teenager on a special movie outing, just the two of you; or taking the whole family to craft or farmers’ markets, and focus on helping the kids find special handmade gifts (keep your shopping for later).

You’ll help to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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