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New Year’s resolutions may be fading. Don’t give up on them – every day is a new beginning.

Jan 21, 2019 | Blog, Exercise

Holding to our resolutions can be really difficult – that’s why there are so many wry jokes about broken resolutions. You know the familiar one – May all your troubles last as long as your New Year resolutions.

But I need to argue on behalf of that resolution or even the many resolutions you may have made. There was a special part inside of you that wanted that resolution to manifest for you – that wanted the opportunity for you to be your best self.  So, the fact that the 1st January is long gone is no reason to give up on that special part of you.

Each morning is a time to start the day by seeing it afresh, as a clean slate. Yes, yesterday’s choices and decisions have been made, but you have not made today’s choices and decisions yet. You still have the chance to choose how you are going to be today.

You probably recognise all the things you need to do to manifest the New Year’s resolution. If this is the year to write the book; well you’ve just got to sit down at the keyboard tapping out the story. If you want that great body you know it is all about lifestyle.

BUT remember, where you have the opportunity to exercise the ultimate choice each day is in choosing your attitude towards doing what needs to be done. Attitude has so much to do with lifting your focus of the task or activity required – lifting it high into the sky above and remembering what you are ultimately wanting to achieve. Maybe imagining how you will feel autographing your book at the launch in that favourite book shop. Or standing in the boutique looking in the mirror and knowing that your great body is showing of the outfit, rather than hoping tht the outfit will make you look good.

If you can hold in mind the ‘why’ behind your resolution, it will help you to keep going through the ‘slog’ of making it happen.

Each day offers a fresh start to renew your inspiration of why you are doing what you are doing. Look around you for symbols of what you can see, and what you can hear, and what you can feel, that will replenish your inspiration.

So, with more than 300 days of 2019 still ahead of you, keep refuelling your inspiration tank – each day is a new beginning!

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