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Gender-based violence – we are all in this together.

Dec 7, 2019 | Blog, The Juice

Help can come from the most unexpected places.



Your story may be their story

Joko have created an exceptional website filled with resources and encouraging stories of strength from abused women. Although you may feel very lonely and isolated, you will find that you are not alone if you are able to open up and seek help. Start by watching  the video



Kabelo Mabalane challenges you to #Makeyourmove ..
… and play your part

You may not be a victim or perpetrator of violence, yet we are all part of this societal problem and can play our part in solving it and help heal the pain of those around us.

Watch this video to the end for tips and easy actions you can take every day.


It’s not enough to rely on the police and social services to solve the crisis in gender abuse. Violence against women and children is endemic in South Africa. While human rights are enshrined in our laws and our constitution, the problem is simply too big for the authorities to handle on their own.

This short video urges us all, especially men, to step up and play our part as caring individuals and as a concerned civil society in general.

Although the video is not high tech razzmatazz its message needs to be heard and heeded, #Makeyourmove

Here are some further suggestions:

  • Watch your words – catch yourself when you are about to use language and expressions that cut women down – even when others might think it’s funny.
  • Don’t play along when others they say things or tell jokes demeaning of women – like referring to them as sexual objects. Voice your objection – and even walk away.
  • Intervene when you find a woman or child being harassed – warn the offender that you will report them.
    Learn to detect the tell-tale signs of abuse – bruises, downcast eyes, that look of fear or sadness – and gently inquire. Then point them in the right direction to get help.
  • And speak up – make gender abuse a talking point. Raise it in your conversations with men, as well as women. Talking about it can become normal – don’t let avoidance perpetuate their suffering in silence.

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