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Exercise Warmers

Mar 14, 2017 | Blog, Exercise

Winter chills and exercise warmers


Winter - a time of inner reflection, renewal

Too cold to exercise in winter! Don’t even think about it – exercise to keep warm. There are many special ways to do just that in winter.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you bundled up on the couch or under your duvet. Avoiding exercise in winter may lead to regrets in spring when you suddenly become aware that your summer clothes are stretching across an expanded belly.

Being out on the road, running or cycling, and of course wearing warmer clothes, gives the opportunity to observe the winter bareness of the trees and the brownness of the grass. This is an opportunity to reflect on yourself with each step – to see the stark beauty of yourself without all the material trappings. And you can wonder about the new beauty you wish to express in the blossoming of spring.

If being out on the road isn’t really for you, then sign up on our MYPLAN online member portal where you can tailor your own home workout. If you prefer something different, try at no cost, one of the many online exercise programmes available on the net. Maybe, for example, even having a quiet yoga session after dinner. So, all the men out there, you are included in this; yoga is so good for a strong posture, for developing that six pack, and for improving body flexibility.

Here are a few sites to explore:

Try the Nicky Holender work out; he has a great routine to build strength:

Do yoga with me: https://www.doyogawithme.com/

How about a 10 minute yoga session with Adrian -with a focus on self-care.


In  this national time of focusing on those with TB, there is a general recommendation to perform regular exercise during the course of treatment. This helps to ensure that the mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria is completely eradicated from the body. During winter though care must be taken to avoid catching a chill. Moderate intensity exercise for 5 days a week seems to be the best. In the early stages of treatment, it is best to do only as much as you are comfortably able to handle, like a short walk. As you recover, step up the exercise until you are able to break a sweat. Naturally, it is important to discuss your exercise routine with your doctor.

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