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Excited to be back at work … BUT?

May 20, 2020 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month, The Juice

It’s exciting to be going back to work

Excited to be going back to work. Getting out of the house, being productive, and, most of all, being with friends.

Let’s face it, wearing a face mask is going to be a bit weird. It may look and feel strange, but mostly it will hide those warm, welcoming smiles from each other. With that first natural expression of our feelings hidden behind a mask, the excitement can quickly become a feeling of alienation and loneliness. Don’t let this happen. Take the lead in reconnecting and rekindling friendships; especially by using your voice. Tell others what you feel and experience, and keep your connectedness alive with regular emotional check-ins. Find out how others are feeling.

There are a few who are concerned about workplace safety. Stop the fear, and ask your employer how your company is implementing the hygiene and social distancing rules. Get your team to discuss your unique circumstance. Agree on how you will comply with the rules to ensure each other’s safety.

We’re in this together – let’s find new ways to care for each other.

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