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Celebrate the festive season – have all the fun without the financial stress.

Dec 3, 2018 | Blog, Mental Wellbeing

Give of your time, instead of expensive gifts.

The festive season can turn into a mad rush of shopping, office parties, and ‘silly season’ preparation and celebration. This year, shop less and spread more of the wonder and the magic of the season by making your own gifts and personalising them with a special message for each person. Then wrap them beautifully and give them with love.

Share the cost – bring, prepare, and party together.

Take the stress out of your seasonal celebrations and multiply the fun! Get everyone involved – family, friends and kids – and celebrate together at home, on the beach or at your favourite picnic spot.

Part of the fun is in the process of planning and preparing together.

Pay special attention to how lovingly and thoughtfully you prepare your part of the meal – and don’t forget to include the kids in the preparation. They’ll love it. After all, it is the season to be jolly – together!

Show you care for your loved ones with time and attention.

There’s nothing that strengthens the bond between family and friends like quality time and shared experiences. Be there, laugh, play games, be silly, celebrate yourself and the people you love – even invite people you hardly know. This is a fine way to celebrate and honour those you care for.

Spread the love of the season to those who may be lonely.

The time of year when family and friends celebrate together can be a very lonely time for some,

Express the goodwill of the season and connect with those who may feel alone, sad and left out. They are in need of your kindness. Find places in your community where you can volunteer your help. Spend an hour of your time with someone in an old-age home in your area, bring joy to a sick or orphaned child, or simply include a lonely neighbour in your festivities.

Be kind to your pocket, don’t max your credit cards.

Instead of over-spending on frivolous gifts to feel loved, appreciated or esteemed, rather ‘show up’ – be present and mindful and remember that you don’t need to ‘buy’ love.

During the festive season the temptation to spend is everywhere, in stores, on television and on social media. This year, focus on the people you love instead of the presents you can buy. Give them your time, attention, and care – let them know they live in your heart.

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