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Being in the dark

Feb 14, 2022 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month, Newsletter, The Juice

Being in the dark

We all know the experience when, at the crucial moment, the rolling blackout hits and bam, you are no longer in that meeting, or the piece of equipment you’re using cuts out mid-job. But we South Africans are creative people and have found ways to manage as best we can. Now, with the anticipated hike in electricity tariffs, we need to be creative about reducing our energy usage. So what can you do about it?

Essentially you can cut down on your electricity consumption and look for alternative sources.

Electricity consumption:

  • Switch off unnecessary lights and use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Run shorter showers, energy efficient shower heads, limit those deep hot baths, turn the geyser temperature down and wrap the geyser with geyser blanket
  • Invest in energy saving devices, in winter change electric heaters for gas heaters, etc.
  • Install ceiling insulation
  • Use cold water wash where possible and pool laundry washing – doing bulk washing saves energy
  • Dry your dishes and laundry naturally – where possible
  • Reduce the use of those energy draining devices – like tumble driers etc.

And look for alternative sources – there are new measures in place that allow more effective utilisation of solar panels to provide household electricity, and there are solar water heaters. Remember South Africa is a high sunlight area – maximize that.

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