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Beauty from the Inside Out

Apr 18, 2017 | Blog, Flavor Of The Month

FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH – True beauty shines from the inside out.

flavour of the month

It is amazing that the international anti-ageing market is estimated to reach $191.7 billion by 2019. This is the money spent on lotions and potions, hair dyes, Botox and ‘age-defying’ tablets. Yet we all still get wrinkles! How much of your money is in this number?

We can spend a lot on trying to prevent wrinkles, but youthfulness seems to be mainly a function of attitude.

It is that ‘can do’ attitude, filled with joy and enthusiasm, that is the foundation of graceful, charming and vibrant ageing

Think of all the older people you know. Now reflect on what it is that makes them memorable. I would imagine that there may be some angry and grumpy ones, and then there will be others who are a delight to be with. It may be because they are joyful and curious about life. I would also bet that you don’t even notice that they have lines on their faces, or that they do not walk as fast as you do.

Take a look at the slide show of these movie stars who have not opted for plastic surgery. For me their beauty is held in the intensity of their eyes, and the naturalness of their smiles. Although these examples are all women, it would be similar for men. Do read each women’s comments – they are very insightful and inspiring. Click here!

Although we live in a youth-centric culture this sentiment does seem to be changing. There is a new focus on the quality of life, and life experience, rather than just the external beauty of the face and body. It is a search for a more authentic beauty that has a quality of personal depth. You could join this new enriched trend by re-examining your beliefs about ageing, and have this reflect in your behaviour and attitude.

Our counselors are really good at helping people reassess their beliefs and values. If you would like support in doing this, call for a session on  08002BWELL (0800229355)

I read a delightful report of one man who actively cultivated four arenas of friendship. Firstly was with his golfing friends who would keep him active and competitive. Then there were his granddaughters with whom he went food shopping as they kept him up to date with all the health trends and checked the quality of the food he bought. Then there were the final year school students he coached on exam techniques, although this did seem more like a chat group. They kept him informed on their opinions of what was happening in the world from their perspective, which he found really enlightening. It was so different to that of his golfing friends. Lastly were the people he had known for ages; where there were no secrets. They had, over the years, shown each other all their warts; they could laugh and share their fears and their loves – true camaraderie.

Mohamed Ali

A beautiful quote from Mohammad Ali sums it all up:

“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

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