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Beat that drum, beat the slump

Aug 15, 2016 | Blog, Exercise


The world Health Federation reports that just one hour of vigorous exercise weekly reduces your risk of coronary heart disease by 30{4f397819c3de313f64bb15bf63cf5399d2450a5786b2e0fa61903b6291c0b555}. Sounds easy enough but there are a few pointers to consider.

While some exercises are good for the heart they put strain on the body often leading to injury which then force long periods of inactivity. Engaging in any brisk activity you are not used to can actually trigger a heart attack. So taking all 6 fligths of stairs at work may be a great idea but if you are not accustomed to to it, start with one set and build it up. Always train for strenuous sporting events, however, don’t train after 6pm as it delays recovery during sleep, don’t exercise vigorously when you are ill, ensure you have rest days inbetween training days.

As the word implies cardiovascular exercise boosts heart fitness and overall wellness. Resistance training also has a positive effect on the heart. Interval training which is simply alternating moderate with brisk pace in your cardiovascular workout. So if you jog you may jog at your usual pace for 3 minutes then run for one minute then go back to the normal jogging pace for 3 minutes again and repeat throughout your workout. Low impact sports which work your whole body like swimming is gentle on the body and boosts the heart. Always choose exercises you enjoy and don’t over exercise. If you want to create an exercise regimen, MYPLAN on our member portal can tailor make your workout routine as per your specific needs. Our library also has a wealth of fitness articles to keep you up to date with latest trends, research and new science in the world of physical health.

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