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The Art of Ageing

Apr 18, 2017 | Blog

Word from Our Coach – The Art of Ageing


Are you afraid of ageing? Do you have images of walking with a stick and not remembering who you are? Truly, it does not have to be this extreme; you can age with grace, charm, style and elegance.

We live in a youth-centric society which sees ageing as a problem, and where all sorts of extreme actions are taken to fight back against the inevitable. Rather than trying to escape this life process, the secret is to focus on caring well for your body and then, most importantly, paying attention to your attitude to life and the world. Fortunately attitude is something over which you do have full control. This of itself is something to celebrate!


This edition of the Juice is filled with great tips for doing just that. You can also go directly to MYPLAN and register for the online course, ’12 STEPS TO HAPPY AGEING’. Log on to the MEMBERS PORTAL and click MYPLAN for an excellent personalized guide.

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