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Stress is Depleting

Jun 13, 2017 | Blog

Cell 5 BlogA clear vision of what you want helps transform stress and build resilience.

Stress is depleting when you do not know why it’s there. With a clear vision of what you want you can better deal with it – and build resilience.


Being chased by something, whether escaping a predator or being pushed by a work deadline, is stressful. Ultimately you get worn down mentally and physically. But working out in the gym with exercise you enjoy and with a clear objective of getting fit, is pleasurable. The stress is transformed with a vision of a better possibility. This means that holding a clear vision of your future converts stress into further resilience.




Complete the sentences below. Your commitment to enriching your life.

When I think about my future I want to achieve ……….

The person who challenges me the most in the work place is ………. and in future I will build my resilience by finding something to be positive about in each interaction.


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