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Nutrition – Think Green Go Green Eat Green

Feb 21, 2017 | Nutrition

Think Green Go Green Eat Green

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Did you know that you can ‘Go green – a little at a time’ by mindfully selecting food based on its quality, the packaging material used, and how you can dispose of the packaging material?

Buying organic food, if you can find it, is always the best choice. Organic food is good for your body. That is because the organic farmer does not use agricultural chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and hormones. Residues of these chemicals contaminate the food and over time these toxins may build up in your body and they cause harm. On the other hand, organic farmers focus on enriching the soil through natural processes, and this fertile soil enables strong, healthy plant growth.

Here are a few websites to help you find organic products.

Shop Organic

Fresh Produce and Box Schemes

Organic Emporium

Organic Farms Group

You can minimize the amount of packaging you use whilst shopping at the supermarket. If you buy loose veggies you can place them in the thin plastic bags to be weighed. Reuse these bags by taking them with on your next shop. Also, take stronger reusable bags in which to pack all your shopping to carry it home securely. Plastic is not good – there are already islands of plastic floating in the oceans. Here is a shocking video explaining this alarming situation. Midway, a plastic island

How about growing your own veggies? No matter how small your available space might be, there is always a space to grow a few tomatoes in a pot, or even a bunch of herbs. If you do have space to sow a garden bed it not only provides you with good nutritious food, but the act of looking after the plants can also become a valuable family activity helping to provide everyone with some good exercise. And this may even become an enriching community activity. Gardening has been used successfully to help people who suffer from depression. A simple vegetable garden can enrich your nutrition, your family coherence, emotional wellbeing, and maybe even your social wellbeing.

Watch this inspiring video of ladies growing vegetables on a roof top garden in Troyville, Johannesburg.

South African Heroes Rooftop Gardens

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