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Longing for connection is real

Aug 24, 2017 | Emotional

In a deeply connected and engaged space you will be able to liberate everyone’s creativity.

You know how different and exciting it feels when go with friends to a live concert, as opposed to listening to a recording. It is all about the ‘vibe’. So what about being creative and finding opportunities to ‘visit and talk’ rather than text?

It is known that being creative with others not only expands your own mind, but theirs as well. So the co-creation leads to something bigger than the sum of all your individual thoughts. This is where the excitement in the experience comes from.

So really, there is no substitute for warm bodies.

This is all summed up beautifully by Jonathan Haidt: ‘ Love and work are crucial for human happiness because, when done well, they draw us out of ourselves and into connection with people and projects beyond ourselves. Happiness comes from getting these connections right.’

Want some ideas for connecting?

Just join in on a rich belly laugh, even when you’re not sure what it is about.

At lunch time, rather than sitting at your desk, invite a friend for a chat.

Instead of hiding and denying a problem you have at work, ask a colleague to brainstorm solutions with you.

When you see someone is feeling down, approach them with a genuine offer of assistance.

Greet everyone you pass with a smile when you walk around the office.

As we said, there is no substitute for warm bodies.


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