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Laughter is the best medicine

Sep 5, 2016 | Blog, Emotional


Studies have shown time and again that prolonged negative emotions can damage the heart. While feelings like anger and hostility are deemed the usual culprits, the more passive emotions like resentment, depression and loneliness  have a more insidous impact on the heart.

“Laughter is the best medicine”, research has indicated a positive correlation between laughter and improved blood flow, blood pressure and function of blood vessels. So a giggle a day keeps the doctor away.

We can’t prevent negative thinking but finding the positive in every challenging situation, giving gratitude daily and making meaning of our lives can reduce the build up of negative emotion, lowering the impact on our heart.

Acceptance and letting go of issues you cannot resolve are powerful tools in emptying the emotional stores.

Heartmath is a technology based form of coaching which teaches you how bring your physical, emotional and mental systems into balance. With more than 20 years of scientific research behind it, the measurable benefits of Heartmath include a 60{4f397819c3de313f64bb15bf63cf5399d2450a5786b2e0fa61903b6291c0b555} decrease in Depression, 46{4f397819c3de313f64bb15bf63cf5399d2450a5786b2e0fa61903b6291c0b555} decrease in anxiety, and 30{4f397819c3de313f64bb15bf63cf5399d2450a5786b2e0fa61903b6291c0b555} improvement in sleep, all of which affects heart health. The best news is that Heartmath will soon be embedded in our coaching program for you to access through your EAP. For more information on Heartmath go to www.heartmath.com

Learning to regulate your thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be your greatest weapon for success and good health all round. Counselling through your EAP program is not only reserved for crises but our well trained counsellors and coaches can help you cultivate the habit of self regulation. Contact our call centre today to request an appointment.

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