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Oct 30, 2016 | Blog, Emotional



Appreciate your job.

If you do enjoy your job consider yourself one of the fortunate ones – many people don’t. But even if you do not enjoy your job do look after it. By all means take a better opportunity if you find it. But remember there are many millions of people who are unemployed and are desperate to find work. The best way to look after your job is to focus on how you bring value to the organisation; the company or the institution you work for. If your focus is on how you can bring added value you will no doubt find ways to perform even better. In this way you will not only secure your own position but might even improve your chances for promotion.


Foster positive expectations

Our world is transforming rapidly. We are well into the technological age of informatics and robotics. This means that everyday jobs based on routine function will be increasingly become automated. Many more functions will be carried out by computers and machines, thereby replacing human beings. Under these circumstances we will best secure our positions by bringing our unique value to the workplace. Rather than fearing technology you can imagine how you might employ it creatively to bring more of your own value in the future. In this information age it’s all about the organisation of ideas – it’s about providing useful information that generates a quality of experience considered to be valuable.

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 Grow continuously

Bringing your natural strengths and talents to the workplace is not only a great source of employment satisfaction but also the most resourceful way to create value and hence generate wealth. Continue to discover your talents and unique skills and, above all, celebrate them. Consider how to find new and better ways of doing things. Your future potential to bring your unique value will increasingly be influenced by your dedication to self-development and creativity. Keep yourself informed and professionally equipped by investing in your own on-going skills development.


Foster positive relationships 

There is nothing quite as powerful for emotional wellbeing as positive and life-enriching relationships. And since the place of value creation and hence wealth generation is all about people, our people skills and attitudes will have everything to do with surviving or thriving. By investing in people – cultivating resourceful relationships – we are investing in our personal wealth of experience. If you are experiencing financial challenge or want to get yourself onto a strong financial footing build a good relationship with a financial advisor. You can start this journey by logging onto the  MEMBER PORTAL  and scroll down to click ‘Credit Assist’ and find out your credit score. You could also call 082 2BEWELL OR 0800 229355 and receive professional advice.

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