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Feel The Joy Of Your Own Achievements! Make Celebration Part Of Who You Are

Sep 3, 2019 | Flavor Of The Month, Newsletter

In this blog post we we emphasise the importance of celebrating your success in a special way to help you integrate the learning – it becomes part of you.

Enjoying and celebrating your achievements are much more than partying, or buying something new, it’s about developing a celebratory attitude to life. For example, giving yourself recognition for a job well done, for meeting a tough deadline, or finding the positive in tough situations.

In his book ‘The Practice of Happiness’ mind-power guru, John Kehoe, says “…don’t wait for happiness to come to you – live it.” That begins by practicing appreciation, especially for what you have achieved when you’ve had a breakthrough. Stop, reflect, and focus on your achievement – look in the mirror with a grin on your face, and say to yourself out loud, “you’re number one, well done!’’ Feel yourself bursting with joy!

The practice of happiness is a sign of emotional intelligence (EQ). In the workplace that might be even more important than ‘being smart’ (IQ). EQ is about managing your emotions – not suppressing them. Don’t deny your feelings. This is about not letting negative emotions control your behaviour.  Frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and dislike are helpful signs that something needs attention in your life; emotions are your change indicators.

When you become aware of any negative feelings, set a clear intention of getting back to the practice of happiness, as soon as possible. Ask yourself for example: ‘What is it that is frustrating me today, and how can I manage that better? What am I anxious about and how can I handle that better? What disappoints me and how can I regain the experience I really want?’ Often, that might just be missing feedback.

You see, it’s all about noticing what’s going on for you, stopping (getting off that hamster wheel) and doing some reflection. And there’s really nothing better than a good conversation with a trustworthy friend.

Three ‘lenses’ to review the practice of happiness

To identify the cause of an emotion that interrupts a celebratory attitude to life, review your experience through these three lenses:

Understanding: Do you have all the facts – is your attitude right – are you able to see the bigger picture? Perspective can make all the difference. That’s why a good conversation is so important!

Competence: Do you know how to deal with the situation and feel confident to do it?  If you’re feeling insecure, ask for help – that’s what friends and colleagues are for. And that might set you on a new growth curve.

Importance: Prioritise – is it urgent, is it important, or is it really a distraction? Sometimes we need to do things we dislike – especially in the workplace. Inquire into the big ‘why’ – and identify the ultimate outcome? When we find the deeper meaning, difficult things become more do-able.

So, to start celebrating your life, ‘stop at the top’ of any breakthrough or achievement, reflect, and integrate the learning. That’s the practice of happiness.

3 Great ways to set yourself up for celebration

Tip 1: Expect the best to be your best

When you celebrate the good, your future magically becomes brighter. Expecting success, you will walk taller, hold your head high, and start believing it is possible. For example, ask yourself the question ‘’who do I want to be to experience effective work relationships?’’ Then start being that person – and step into your future.

Tip 2: ‘Toast’ your talents

Review the skills and attitudes that enabled your past achievements and call on that ‘feeling’ to motivate yourself. With improved self-confidence, you are more assured that you ‘can do it’. Linking your competencies to your vision of the future, encourages the next step.

Tip 3: Double up on joy

People are your best resources, and good relationships are the foundation of happiness. Science shows that when you include your partners, colleagues and friends in your happiness, your heart emits a field that affects others. Radiate them with joy!

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