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Jul 24, 2017 | Blog

Wellness cafeYour life will be measurably enriched when you become more deeply engaged with people and your living environment.

Want to take action? Try this:

Becoming aware of these pre-judgements may be difficult, but a helpful way to hunt them down is to attune yourself to being aware of saying something like: “They always…”” They never…“ ”Everyone knows…” ‘’Women/men always ….’’ ‘’That’s management for you …’’ ‘’They will never …’’

Then challenge yourself: “Is this really so…? Everyone…? All…? Never…?’’


Or this:

Describe the outcome you want to achieve in the most exciting and inspiring way by what you will see, what you will hear, and what you will feel when it finally happens. Then hold this vision in mind whilst carrying out the mundane tasks that will transform it into a reality.

Or this:

Instead of reverting to anger and scolding to let someone know that they have done something wrong, rather choose to let them know that their behaviour may have been unhelpful but that they are still valuable as a person.

Your wording could be something like this:

I appreciate ……………about you. I appreciate having you on the team. Unfortunately I was disappointed when you ……… The standards that you need to uphold are …….…  Is there anything else you need from me to helpyou get back on form?

Or this:

Maybe your actions won’t change the world, but they certainly will change your life. Every action you take, based on your conscience, contributes to building the substance of who you are.

So what action is it going to be for you? Tiding your desk each day? Finding a recycling site to deposit your collected glass and paper? Joining a community ‘tidy-up’ scheme with your children?

Think of something that is important to you and start today.

Or this:

Usually before we act we want to be well informed. Unfortunately, the ecological hype has been around for a while, so it’s easy to become immune to anything ‘environmental’. Now is the time to become more engaged by starting with your own research.  You-Tube is filled with great environmental documentaries. You could start with this one; Paradise or Oblivion

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