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Jul 24, 2017 | Blog

‘Mind your mood – secure your success’

Mind-mastery is not just for gurus. Successful people get to where they want to be by knowing how to get others excited, energized and focused.

But the way you ‘mind your mood’ has a powerful influence on others – and that can either secure your success – or undermine it.

This is not just for gurus – you can begin with this simple practice: Rather than focusing on the negative elements in the world, focus on the positive possibilities – and inspire others to action. Someone suggested that there are no lazy people – but they may well be unmotivated. Everyone can be motivated by a vision they find meaningful.

So, it’s up to you!

Here is the key to success – whether in the workplace, or at home – break the bigger outcome, where you want to be, down into smaller achievable goals (remember the story of how to ‘eat an elephant’ – in ‘bite-size pieces’?). Then recognise and reward each small achievement no matter how small.

Here’s a way to recognise your inner GURU: “Gee, You Are You!”

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