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Jan 13, 2017 | Blog, Emotional

Emotions are the drivers of meaning and purpose!


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We often say about someone who has a defined objective that they want to achieve when they are actively pursuing it: “She’s on a mission!”

Sometimes we observe the activity with admiration, normally when it resonates with our value system. But sometimes we view that activity with trepidation or frustration, especially when it clashes with our value system. When we observe what our loved ones are ‘on to’ we can sometimes even experience a sense of despair.

Parents get to know this emotional roller coaster ride as they observe the fields of interest of their children changing. A father once complained that he failed to understand what had gotten into his teenage daughter’s head. From being a fine scholar achieving good results she had suddenly lost all interest in school books. Now she spent her time poring over glamour magazines.  Eventually he announced that he had finally ‘discovered her mission’. “She knows there’s a party going on in the world somewhere, and she’s going to find it!’’ Today she has become an outstanding events manager, creating parties and events that people never forget.

 I too have followed my son’s sense of mission and purpose evolving; from mastering the skateboard, to mastering flying a hang glider, to mastering flying an aircraft, to designing a prototype hydrogen powered unmanned aircraft for which he received an award. There’s a point in telling this story. The emotional attitude that comes with that sense of meaning and purpose has much to do with how it will be received and in turn achieved.

If the sense of mission and purpose is driven by anger and frustration, it could generate resistance, and create enemies. This is not a good way to achieve it. Similarly, if it is driven by fear and anxiety it will attract those who are equally anxious – and this is not the most creative state. In despair, of course, folks don’t normally have a sense of meaning and purpose and rather seem stuck in a victim mentality.

A joyful state is the best way in which to progress with your vision and purpose. And it has four qualities. Firstly, there’s by a sense of appreciation; actively seeking out of what is good and looking for the positive. Secondly there’s a clear vision of what the intended outcome or purpose looks like; one that encourages positive hope and trust in the future. Thirdly there’s a sense of confidence in your own abilities to do what is necessary. Or there is the determination to develop the abilities. Finally, there’s a set of relationships with people who can share that vision – and would want to support it either actively or morally.

You see science now shows us that the quality of emotional energy with which we pursue and mission and purpose creates a real ‘field’. It will either be ‘coherent’ – that is giving off good vibes, or incoherent – that is giving off negative vibes. And that coherence can even be measured with technology that monitors the quality of your heartbeat. Here’s the good news; with instruments, such as HeartMath, you can even practice getting into a state of producing positive vibes. Be careful though; you might find people flocking to you, wanting to be part of your action.

If you feel that your predominant emotions are getting in the way of you living a life of meaning and purpose there is help available.

You can talk to someone confidentially by calling our helpline to set up a free session with one of our skilled counsellors on  08002BWELL (0800229355)

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