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Feb 26, 2018 | Blog

Pause texting, rather phone or visit and have face-to-face chats.

Technology really has done so much to enabling us to keep connected, but it has also had some ‘not so good’ effects on our overall wellbeing.

Researches are now finding that of all the things which contribute to our wellbeing, such as physical and environmental wellbeing, it is our mental/emotional/social wellbeing that is the most important.

They are attributing the increase in depression and the experience of ‘just not feeling good about life’, to the increase in social media activity and the decline in time spent in live social interaction. There is something about having the experience of looking into someone’s eyes and hearing their voices as they talk to us that is essential for us to feel that we belong to and are part of this vibrant world.

This is a great video to watch, which explains that our mental and emotional wellbeing is dependent on two primary factors. The first is to have a small group of close, intimate friends who we know care about us. Secondly, is to have daily face-to-face interaction with lots of people, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even strangers. We humans are social beings, we need to share a daily dose of heart and eye space with others.

So, how about having a picnic and get in some real social time? Click here to find a list of picnic place near you.

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