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Jul 24, 2017 | Blog

Cell 1 BlogGetting positively involved with people increases joy and wellbeing.

To become deeply involved with people it is necessary to be aware of your prejudices, which really amount to pre-judgements.

By withholding pre-judgement, you are better able to experience people as they are rather than from your ideas about them. Genuine engagement is supported by trusting the inherent goodness of people. It is amazing how people will rise to such an expectation and so be enabled to bring their best qualities to the interaction. In today’s world where folks from different cultures, values and beliefs struggle to find a way to live together, holding an open enabling mind-set will enhance the wellbeing of all.

Want to take action? Try this:

Becoming aware of these pre-judgements may be difficult, but a helpful way to hunt them down is to attune yourself to becoming aware of when you say something like: “They always…..…”” They never…….“ ”Everyone knows…..” ‘’Women/men always ..….’’ ‘’That’s management for you ……’’ ‘’They will never ……’’

Then challenge yourself: “Is this really so….…? Everyone….…? All……? Never….…?’’

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