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Bounce Back Quickly

Jun 13, 2017 | Blog

Cell 2 BlogResilience is improved by happy cells that make up your vital physiology – needing good food, clean water, exercise, and sufficient rest.

A cup is fragile – it breaks under the stress of being dropped on a hard surface. A ball is resilient – it can take a knock and bounce back to its’ original shape – like any living system constituted by cells. The ability to recover, mentally and physically, requires healthy, regular nutrition and lots of water. But cells can hardly rebuild whilst they are working – that’s why a good night’s rest is so important for resilience.






Complete the sentences below. Your commitment to enriching your life.

To help my body I am going to drink ……. glasses of water each day.

To help my body to recover I will ………. (read inspirational words, meditate, take a short walk, listen to relaxing music) for ……… minutes each day.

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