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3 Minutes to Recharge Your Resilience

Jul 19, 2016 | Technology

hm-fb-sqThink of resilience as your inner battery. When our inner battery is charged, we feel better and have more energy and we make better decisions.

One of the easiest ways to build resilience is with a daily 3-minute heart coherence session.

Heart coherence is a physiological high-performance state that has been extensively studied by HeartMath for more than two-decades. When we’re in this coherence state our heart, mind and emotions are in balance so we function better on many levels.

Whether it’s for you personally, or for your family and friends, emWave2® and the Inner Balance™ technologies are a simple proven way you can confidently build resilience. Click here to kick your resilience practice into high gear with one of our technology products!

OR join the ~Phela Heartmath Programme today. Call 08002BWELL.

This short video explains a practical resilience model, how it relates to coherence and the how much energy we have each day to do what’s really important in our lives.


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