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Get access to legal contracts and documents online.

Whenever you need legal advice or professional guidance in your daily life, you can pick up a phone and get immediate assistance from a fully qualified and experienced attorney.

In essence, this ad hoc legal support service allows everyone to have their own personal lawyer on call and available at any time during business hours. This is to provide ad hoc advice on legal issues such as divorce, maintenance, custody, criminal matters, claims for payment, breach of contract, property disputes and a wide range of further legal issues.


Legal Contracts

Legal contracts offer individuals essential protection in everyday life. Our service provides legal contracts that are:

  • uniquely tailored to your circumstances;
  • backed by a team of experienced attorneys and advocates;
  • fully completed and ready for signature on delivery;
  • delivered with advice on how to sign and use the document concerned;
  • delivered within 24 hours of a contract request being made.

Written Legal Advice Packages

The following advice packages are included in the legal support service:

Debt Relief – I can’t pay my debts. What can I do? – Access Now

This advice package collects the information necessary to give you appropriate and meaningful advice, aimed at relieving your debt-related stress. It includes a step-by-step guide to the available processes, the consequences of applying for debt relief, and details of your nearest debt counsellor. If appropriate, an application for debt relief is completed on your behalf, ready for submission to a debt counsellor.

Small Claims Court: How to claim money – Access Now

The Small Claims Court kit allows you to deal quickly and cheaply with civil claims of less than R12,000. Based on the information collected from you, a detailed letter of demand, summons and particulars of claim are drafted, which can then be used immediately to institute the claim. The litigation documents are customised to the unique circumstances of the case. You are also told where to find your nearest Small Claims Court and a step-by-step guide to the process is included so that you have no difficulty in enforcing your claims.

Getting an uncontested divorce – Access Now

This advice package provides detailed information on the procedure to be followed in obtaining an uncontested divorce order. You receive all of the information necessary to obtain a divorce order and are also provided with a divorce summons – completed to your exact requirements and taking into account your specific circumstances.

How to claim maintenance – Access Now

This service provides you with comprehensive advice on how to go about claiming maintenance for yourself or for your children. The maintenance package completes an application for maintenance on your behalf, taking into account your unique circumstances and requirements. Maintenance Court locations and procedures are also explained to you.

Stopping domestic violence – Access Now

This advice package provides you with all of the information and documents you require to apply for a domestic violence protection order. All necessary documents are completed with reference to your unique circumstances and delivered ready for signature. The documents are accompanied by a step-by-step guide to the process to be followed in obtaining a protection order.

Marriage options: Do I need an ANC? – Access Now

This support package provides key information about different matrimonial property regimes. It explains concepts such as “married in community of property”; “married out of community of property”; an “antenuptial contract”; and “the accrual system”. Further important aspects covered are the effects of an antenuptial contract (ANC) and why it is generally essential to sign an ANC before getting married.

Report a deceased estate – Access Now

The process of reporting the death and registering the deceased’s estate requires the completion of a range of documents and careful adherence to the applicable procedures. This advice package provides you with a detailed description of the process to be followed in reporting a death and in ensuring the seamless registration of a deceased estate.

Registering your child’s birth – Access Now

This online interview and advice session gives you a detailed account of the procedures you need to follow to register your child’s birth. You can also receive information on what to do if you have missed the 30-day deadline or if you would like to register the child with a surname different to that of the child’s father or mother.

Emergency Legal and Bail Assistance

In the event that you are arrested, or require emergency legal advice, you will have 24-hour telephonic access to our specialist legal call centre. Advice on criminal matters and/or assistance with the arrangement of Police Bail (if possible) will be given. This includes complimentary calls to the relevant SAPS as well as to your next of kin to keep him/her updated at all times. Should Police Bail not be possible due to the nature of the offence or it not being your first arrest, we can arrange a discounted panel attorney to attend the bail hearing but the aforementioned will be for your own account.

Identity Theft & Fraud Prevention Services

If you are the victim of fraud and/or identity theft (in any form), you will receive immediate call centre support from our attorneys and free assistance via a referral network, that facilitates bank account and card freezes and database services offered by the SA Fraud Prevention Services.

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