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All of our financial advice packages have been researched, reviewed and vetted by a team of experienced chartered accountants and lawyers. The packages have been professionally translated and are available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Sesotho. Each advice package can be accessed via phone, email and/or the internet. 

A Financial Consultant on Call:

Everyone experiences the frustrations of staying on top of their finances and managing their money. When clients need professional guidance in their daily lives, they can pick up a phone and get immediate assistance from an experiences financial counselor able to guide them through day-to-day financial issues and challenges. Telephonic legal advice is available in 80% of South Africa’s official languages.

This ad hoc financial support service allows everyone to get much needed financial support at any time during business hours. Assistance is given on a broad range of financial topics, including debt counseling, managing debt and budgets, black-listings, retirement, loans and associated litigation.

Financial advice packages

All of our financial advice packages have been researched, reviewed and vetted by a team of experiences chartered accountants and lawyers. The packages have been professionally translated and are available in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Sesotho. Each advice package can be accessed via phone, email and/or the internet. The packages include the following:

The ‘What am I Worth? advice topics and packages allow clients to learn the difference between an asset and a debt and to undertake a realistic assessment of their net worth. This includes spreadsheets that assist clients to calculate their net worth, s that they understand their financial starting point.

The ‘Time is Money’ range of advices topics and support packages allow clients to understand important financial concepts such as inflation, interest and compound interest. Practical examples of the effects of interest and inflation are provided and clients are provided with access to online interest and inflation calculators.

The ‘Financial Planning’ support modules explore the client’s short-, medium- and long-term goals. This includes insights into the client’s underlying reasons for wanting money, the difference between financial ‘wants’ and ‘needs’, and tools for setting realistic financial goals.

The ‘Financial Health and Budgeting’ services allow clients to receive detailed advice and support in relation to, inter alia, the following issues:

  • What is a budget?
  • How budgets can work for you
  • Where budgets can go wrong?
  • Identifying where your money goes
  • Learning to prioritise: wants vs needs
  • Cutting back – areas to focus on
  • Ideas to increase income
  • Exercises and tips for drawing up a budget
  • Completing your own budget, including easy tools and spreadsheets

The ‘Taking Control of your Debt’ advice topics and packages provide detailed insights into the following financial issues and concepts:

  • Why debt can be dangerous
  • Some harsh facts about debt
  • How much debt is too much?
  • Avoiding debt, where possible
  • Tips for using a credit card
  • Explaining ‘black-listing’, credit scores & their impact on you
  • Managing over-indebtedness without resorting to debt-counselling

The ‘Debt Counselling under the NCA’ financial support services provide clients with a detailed account of the debt of the debt relief procedures available under the National Credit Act.

This includes an individual assessment of whether debt-counselling is appropriate, a step-by-step guide to the procedure, and detailed information relating to the costs and consequences of the debt relief procedures. Where appropriate clients will be referred for debt relief and counselling services via a national network of debt counselors (at NCR approved rates). To minimize the clients costs a Form 16 is completed on the client’s behalf (based on information provided by the client) and is provided to the client for submission to the debt counselor.

The ‘Financing you House & Car’ advice topics canvass everyday financial issues such as the advantages & disadvantages of mortgages, what mortgages cost, different types of mortgages, what mortgage levels are affordable, and the advantages & disadvantages of car financing.

On the critical issue of ‘Savings and Planning for the Future’ clients will receive detailed guidance and counseling packages on issues such as:

  • Why is it important to save?
  • How should I be saving?
  • How to start saving – managing money, debit orders and emergency funds?
  • How much should I be saving?
  • Types of saving accounts – banking options, stokvels and burial societies.
  • Pyramid schemes explained – saving requires patience not promises
  • What’s the best savings option for you – includes saving exercises and toolkit calculators.

The ‘Understanding Banks and Finance’ range of counseling topics explains the different types of bank accounts to clients and gives them insight into how banks, credit card providers & other financial institutions work. The information covers advice on how to reduce bank charges and interest, as well as canvassing traditional and alternative financing options such as bank loans, micro-lenders, retail store cards, personal loans and informal arrangements.

The ‘Planning for Retirement’ counseling topics and packages explain the importance of retirement savings and give clients a sense of how much they will need for retirement, and what current savings are required to meet their desired income levels. These topics are complimented b y a retirement toolkit that incorporates retirement savings calculators and planning tools.

The ‘Debt and the Law’ advice topics and support packages explain the legal consequences for a debt default and the procedures involved. These include:

What to do when you receive a letter of demand or summons?

Garnishee orders – How are they obtained? What are the consequences? How can an order be removed?

The court litigation process – in simple terms

What are the consequences of a judgement against your name? This includes easy-to-understand explanations of execution of judgements, rescission of judgments and payment restructuring plans.

In addition to the above focused advice and support areas, Origin Systems will provide a detailed “Financial Fitness Report” and counseling package. Before receiving this report, the client will undergo a comprehensive interview process (undertaken online or telephonically) during which the client’s financial situation will be understood and his/her areas of financial risk identified. Based on the information collected, a detailed report customized to the client’s unique circumstances will be compiled and sent to the client. This report covers financial issues such as those set out above, but in a composite form and adapted to the client’s particular situation.

Online financial calculators

The above financial advice packages are provided together with a range of online financial calculators, including the following:

  • A retirement planning calculator
  • A savings calculator
  • An interest and loan repayment calculator
  • An inflation calculator

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