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We believe that the better you understand your benefits, the more value you will gain from our offering, therefore we have put together some common questions and our answers to them.

Do employees need to be members of Momentum Health to be able to access the counselling benefits?

No the Momentum Wellness EAP program has been purchased by your employer to provide employees with various wellness services, including counselling. None of the benefits offered in the program come at a cost to the employee.

Are there any additional costs for employees to access this service?

Additional costs will only be incurred if an employee requests services outside the scope of our program, such as a psychiatrist consultation, an educational assessment, or legal representation.

If I understand correctly I can get legal advice/ help from Momentum? How do I go about it?

Your legal guidance through the Momentum Wellness program is telephonic advice only and our attorneys do not represent you in a legal case. When you call the call centre during office hours and request legal advice, you will be patched through to an attorney who will assist you.

Can the employee’s family access program services?

The employee’s immediate family members living in the same household can access services as well.

How many times can I access any service per year?

As many times as you need, if there is a recurring challenge we will support you in getting the best assistance you need to address this issue.

How many counselling sessions do I get per incident?

It really depends on your unique struggle and the nature of the challenge you are facing, on average employees have about 3 – 6 sessions, however as mentioned this is not a set process.

If I leave the company can I still have access to Momentum Wellness services?

As this is a program paid for by your employer, you will no longer have access.

Does my employer know when I access services and what I access them for?

We have a very strict policy of confidentiality in that any service you access is private and only with your consent, can we discuss any matter with your employer. The usage reports we send your employer does not include any details that may identify who used the services, but rather a summary of how many people used each service and for what reason.

Can a manager refer me for counselling? Can that manager get a report on me?

A manager can refer you for counselling only with your permission after discussing a possible referral with you, which you need to agree to. Formal reports sent to referring managers are discussed with you beforehand and you still need to give consent to share the report. Very personal information dealth with in counselling however will not be shared in this report.

Can my counsellor book me off from work, write formal reports on my behalf for any legal / labour /medical matters?

Your counsellor cannot book you off from work. They also cannot assist with any forensic, formal reporting outside of a management referral from your employer.

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Download the Momentum Wellness App to access your world of benefits

Download the Momentum Wellness App to access your world of benefits