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Break the habit: Tips to stop smoking!

Apr 23, 2024 | Momentum Wellness App

Break the habit: Tips to stop smoking!

World No Tobacco Day, on 31 May, reminds us that it is possible to kick the habit. Make this the motivation to stop smoking for good.

If you’re a smoker and want to stop, you’re not alone — around 70% of smokers share the same goal. After all, the dangers are clear. Whether it’s traditional cigarettes, pipes, roll-ups, or even vaping, you’re not just risking our own health with the possibility of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, but also that of your loved ones.

But the good news is that it’s never too late to quit.

  1. Get set for success
    • The trick is to break down your ‘stop smoking’ strategy into manageable bites.
    • Set a Quit Day. (Why not make it 31 May?)
    • Identify triggers (starting your day with coffee and a smoke) and replace them with other habits (tea and stretching exercises instead).
    • Create a non-smoking environment (remove ashtrays).
    • Avoid places you associate with the pleasure of smoking, like the office smokers’ corner.
    • Rope people in to keep you accountable, or join a support group.
  1. Prepare for the challenge

People tend to become bad tempered when they stop smoking, but other symptoms may bother you too, such as coughing, a stuffy nose, tiredness, restlessness, anxiety, constipation, or feeling hungrier. Understand that this is normal, and be kind to yourself.

  1. Distract yourself
    • Replace one habit with another – just make sure it isn’t equally as bad for you (like snacking on chips).
    • Try new things – take up knitting, puzzles or gardening.
    • Chew gum – it helps with the cravings and keeps your mouth occupied.
    • Practise relaxation techniques – meditation or yoga will help boost your mood.
  1. Understand the benefits

Every minute without smoking really does make a difference.

Health improvements after your last cigarette:

    • 20 minutes: Your blood pressure normalises.
    • 12 hours: Your oxygen levels improve.
    • Two days: Your sense of taste gets better.
    • One month: You’ll be coughing less, and breathing improves.
    • Three to nine months: Your lung function can be 10% better.
    • One year: Chances of a heart attack are halved.
  1. Celebrate milestones

    Quitting tobacco is Be it an hour, a day, a week, a month, every moment without lighting up is a victory. So, reward yourself with a treat. It can be a special cup of coffee, a spa day, or even an actual medal.

This World No Tobacco Day, commit to your wellbeing by waving goodbye to tobacco for good. Your journey to a smoke-free future starts today.


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